Next SOS event 29/6/17 – BattleRush

Designed to assist seasoned obstacle racers, personal trainers and beginners alike, The Obstacle Specialist workshop is the first course of its kind, designed to give everyone the chance to learn, experience and understand the best methods for successfully completing obstacles during a race.

From dynamic movement and warm up strategies to specific running and agility drills, attendees will learn the best techniques and the most relevant strategies unique to certain obstacles, as well as how to identify and remedy subtle weaknesses that cause big-time limitations out on course on race day. Learn how to ace the dreaded spear throw or confidently sail over most great walls, even learn to scale up the rope climb in quick time.

Detailing every aspect of obstacle preparation and specific technical know how, the Obstacle Course Specialist Workshop is your complete resource for tackling any real race obstacles, and is your first port of call for becoming a smarter, stronger and more efficient racer. AROO!