Skip the burpees. Become a Spartan Obstacle Specialist. This one-day in person course teaches obstacle specific techniques. You will also learn how to identify and overcome some of the most common challenges people face in a variety of obstacle races. It is open to all levels and abilities

As part of the course attendees will:

•    Gain an interactive and intensive 6 hours of obstacle specific education.

•    Gain practical and hands on experience with signature race obstacles.

•    Learn specific techniques for the Wall Climb, Rope Traverse, Barbed Wire Crawl, Spear Throw, Hercules Hoist, Bucket carry, Rope Climb plus many more.

•    Learn specific exercises for developing the required strength, skill and conditioning for all of the obstacles.

•    Be given a comprehensive and detailed reference manual.

•    Gain expert training tips and inside information about the obstacles.

  • SOS T-shirt
  • 15% discount for the BR Winter Charge 30/6/17

Date: Sunday 29/6/17

Venue: BattleRush

Time: 8:30 registration & coffee

Cost: R1, 000.00per person

For Registration please contact Marco 0826051150 or

places are limited.